🌻Congress And The BoardMinutes2023-07-30

Cyberia Congress 2023-07-30


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Branch Updates

Meta Branch

NO head

Outreach Branch


Rituals and Regalia Branch

The Bike Rack Has Been Installed

goat sacrifice??? 🐐
President sacrifice?

Services Branch

support@cyberia.club emails had been going unanswered for a couple months while forest was moving to new place and starting new job :(

Need to schedule a time to get together and get Rathouse shipped

Games Branch

Talk of Games day bash

Saturday August 5th at Layer Zero

Sunday Augest 20th at Layer Zero

Minetest Gathering

Where in the world is the minetest server?? Where did the data directory / minetest install end up?

Fack has a backup

Check in Games Room in Matrix

Hardware Liberation Branch

no head

Treasurer Update

Last Congress we had $3,587.39

Since then we have made $900 in stripe payments

Capsul Conversation

Forest brough up that J3s and forest want to split Capsul out from Cyberia
and into a separate organization

- cyberia still gets free vms and most likely some amount of the revenue

- Transfer some or most?? of the money from the capsul revenues into the
new organization

- Forest and j3s have been supporting capsul on thier own for years,
makes sense to re-organize around the reality on the ground

Agenda Items?

- Dissolve the Hardware liberation branch
- Amend Bylaws to include responsibility to document work of officers
- Change "powers" to "powers/responsibilities"
- Add a responsibiltiy to each officer position, stating that the officer must
log/document thier work and processes in an accessible way, on a discoverable
public platform like cyberia wiki

Discussion Of Lack Of Documentation

- Lack of documentation around processes, what has been done, what needs to be done,
access to accounts, etc.
- Sanine had to meet with chris in person to get access to treasury documents
- Reese created VaultWarden pass.cyberia.club/
- Accounts are invite only, ask Reese or someone who already has an account
- initially used for LZ but can be used for Cyberia as well, might want to
make a separate VaultWarden Org. already doneπŸ‘

- reese: i can write some documentation on the wiki

- Bylaws:
- Outgoing officers responsible for handing off the work / walking incoming
officer through the process
- Officers are responsible for documenting/logging thier work in full, in a
public DISCOVERABLE location i.e. cyberia wiki
- Look at current bylaws: git.cyberia.club/cyberia/bylaws#article-8-officers

We are running over on time.

Aimless motions approving agenda and seconded by forest

Agenda item: Dissolve the Hardware liberation branch
-delete for lack of use
Aimless proposes to dissolve the hl branch seconded by wes
Passed via voice vote

Forest proposed vote to amend bylaws, Sanine seconds
Passed via voice vote

BYLAWS WERE UPDATED HERE: git.cyberia.club/cyberia/bylaws/commit/c9c618699f9fb6f55fc5a124856b783e18fd1731

2 neys for closing congress

yays win congress ends :[