🌻Congress And The BoardMinutes2020-08-03

This meeting is just to schedule an irregular congress

kurt to call me the infosecretary

scott gets us on focus

kurt outlines our options
- set irregular congress
- discuss alignment

skh poses question: what would make a thing formal?
kurt: would be something like orgs becoming branches with cyberia or cyberia could enter into coalitions
cass: and also, all of that stuff - if we decided to join a coalition, congress would need to vote to do so.
what that looks like in practice is up to congress - the terms of the coalition.

skh: talks about what org types political activism makes sense under; 501c3 could be problematic because
we'd have to keep an eye on our status.
cass: from what i remember in the in person meetings, BLM things, people want it to be political.
love that it's political and think it's good. when we sign on to another coalition, we have to
be mindful of their politics. we're sort of extending our scope.
warns that we'd have to be enthusiastic about our politics.
skh: worried about starting a precedent that makes discord (aligning with politics); we should recommend
that we have a high bar for endorsement.
j3s: how do we recommend things to congress in general?
cass: when do you think a good
kurt: do we, as a group, want to take part in political activity? if we pursue 501c3 status, political things
are questionable. Expresses that he's of the mind that we should perhaps form a different political org.

cass: the coalition & the infra is hosted on Capsul, but it's paid for by rt4/postme.
feels that he mentioned. 501c3's can and do lobbying but we have to super track it.

sunday noon the 16th.

kurt notes that meta should meet several times before the irregular congress

do we need an irregular congress?

skh: maybe this isn't a cart before the horse issue

kurt: it definitely is beneficial to halt political activity as an org until after we get the c3 blessing
from my experience it's wise not to engage until you get c3 status

skh: have meta meet 1-2 times and at the next congress we'll pick one to pursue, if it's compatible with rt4
we'd decide to join.

we're having meta meetings at 1pm on the following august 2020 dates for org talk:
- 9
- 16
- 23

kurt would like to move his bowel, can we have a #2?

cass moves for irregular congress meeting at noon August 30th 2020
the motion passes and the congress date is set

skh moves we end the meeting
j3s seconds
board meeting has closed