🌻Congress And The BoardMinutes2020-03-29

CONGRESS 03/29/2020

- Cass
- Johnnie
- Aedric
- Kurtis
- Starless
- Scott H
- fack
- Jesse

Services gave overview of current projects:
- shipped server to datacenter
- began work on email


- designed a logo for capsul (fielded other log requests)

- fielded other design projects

- not much to report, all topics already on agenda

- had big bread meeting
- no plans for near-term meetup
- thinking of MTGO vintage cube

Motion to vote on the agenda
- Cass proposes to modify the previous minutes by adding Kurt and Scott to board of directors
- Motion passes by voice vote
- Previous minutes ammended

Motion to vote on agenda seconded by Cass
Motion passes

Aimless motions to put the bylaw simplification on the docket
Starless seconded the motion
- discussion has been opened

Cass brings up whether or not we should give the board any emergency powers; minor discussion

Jesse brings up meeting every 3 months, minor discussion

Starless brings up a vaguery in our ideals, proposes the following ammendment:
from: forster a respectful and inclusive hacker culture to:

  • foster a respectful hacker culture

  • work to remove exclusive elements of hacker culture

Jesse seconds
Ammendment approved

Point of clarification about non-voting members vs voting members

Jesse proposed ammendment: voting membership requiring ratification at Congress
Starless seconded
Ammendment passes

Motion to pass bylaws as-is (Johnnie)
Seconded by Cass
Motion passes

Johnnie motions to adopt the privacy policy as it is in git.cyberia.club/services/tos/tree/
Jesse seconds the motion

Aedric notes that we will want to stay on top of the privacy policy/set up a revision process
- how does updating a privacy policy work?

Scott asks how Stripe interacts with our promise not to share your data with third parties
Consensus is

Services to add small disclosure before agreeing to matrix service (chat is stored in plaintext)

Cass proposes to remove the asterisks from line 109 and 110 - motion seconded by Aedric
Motion passes by general assent

Kurt brings up the point that @cyberia.club addresses may be confusing
- Starless recommends adding it to the website as a footer or similar

Move to approve the privacy policy
Privacy policy has been approved by voice vote

Johnnie motions to move to terms of service
Cass seconds

Starless proposes ammendment to propose accomodations to note that "if you have specific requests, we will do our best to honor them"
Seconded by Jesse


You agree that your rights terminate on your death.

You agree that any rights to your account and data
terminate upon death of all holders of the account.

If you have specific wishes for how your account
should be handled on your death, please reach out to us.


You agree that any rights to your account and data
terminate upon your death.

If you have specific wishes for how your account
should be handled on your death, please reach out to us.

Move to vote on appending the bolded sentence above: ammendment passed

Fack notes that the "safe harbor" act covers several law use cases

Cass bring up point about VPS service TOS's talk about resource abuse, doesn't seem necessary to put in ours

Putting ammended TOS to vote

Moved to vote: TOS approved.

Moving to Open discussion

Scott brings forward motion to call out electronic meetings as acceptable
Jesse seconds

Jesse brings up excusing unexcused absences
Aedric seconds
Starless brings up point to reach out to Forest J and Cal

Passed by voice vote

Johnnie proposes that we install the manifesto as noted here:

a collective of hackers and technology enthusiasts in Minnesota

fighting for a kinder, more private, free world

a world where not everything in tech is sponsored

a world of makers

we hack on projects and inspire one another

we provide ethical tech services for ourselves and a variety of local organizations

we communicate via meatspace, matrix, mailing lists, signal, IRC, and mumble

if you have felt isolated by technology rather than embraced

please, join us. together we can close the world

and open the next

Jesse seconds

Moved to vote: vote passes by general assent

Outreach update by Starless; noted our streaming service and the cafe
Skh notes that Steve has been minetest chief and has been minetesting like a boss


Could potentially lose our protection if people decided to upload illegal shit to our VPS if we weren't
following their best practices.

Branch Proposals

Starless proposes Outreach branch
Scott seconds the proposal
Passed by voice

Johnnie motions to end congress
Aedric seconds
Passed by voice