🌻Congress And The BoardMinutes2023-05-27

Cyberia Computer Club Board of Directors Meeting on May 27 2023

Agenda Items

Discuss liabilities

@see wiki.cyberia.club/hypha/congress_and_the_board/officers


Secretary (queerposting)


Treasurer (Sanine)


President (johnnie)



We need to open source all of the financial and legal compliance aspects so anyone can run them; detail how handoff works

Pride insurance discussion

President moves to start BOD meeting, sanine seconds. Queerposting votes yes.
motion passes.

current agenda: two discussion points listed above. Aimless moves to set agenda as it stands, seconded by sanine. Queerposting votes yes. Passes.

Open sourcing financial and legal compliance aspects of Cyberia

Action items

Document dump

Meeting with Chris to do a skillshare and transfer of non-inscribed knowledge required

Define a goal to come back together as a board prior to the next congress in July 2023

Audit roles and responsibilities of officers and develop proposal for changes where applicable

Research and audit compliance for maintaining non-profit status

Aimless motions to solidify the action items as stated in the minutes above. Seconded by sanine. Queerposting votes yes. Motion passes by unanimous vote.

Pride insurance discussion

Action items

Confirm with forest that insurance has been acquired prior to the event

aimless moves to solidify the action item for the pride insurance discussion. Seconded by sanine. Queerposting votes yes. Motion passes.

aimless motions to close BOD meeting. Sanine seconds, queerposting votes yes. Meeting is adjourned. Slam slam.