🌻Congress And The BoardMinutes2022-01-30

Agenda Items:

Forest (here because he's cool)

- branch updates

- games: there are some commander decks at LZ now. You could also play DOOM on the plan9 box. We have a physical space, you can use it.

- outreach: HOPE is happening, see the moderation proposals, pipe up if you'd like to join a road trip to it

- meta: nothing new, motion for disbursement for LZ drawn up, looking to schedule a meta meeting for mid february for reviewing 501c10 paperwork

- rituals and regalia: stickers ordered, they're super rad. If you have sticker suggestions, let vves know. Stickers are at LZ on the folding card table

- services [waiting]

- treasurer update

- currently have $1749, $900 of which goes to reimbursing for pride

- over/under is looking ok for expense vs income, enough to do pride again

- got enough to re-up our donations to some other org

- let's look for another project to toss a donation at

- LZ costs- ~$400-500 we can spare for reimbursements for LZ expenses

- Previous finances reporting was via a terminal program, the new method is a bit different.

What do we want on the wiki for current finances? Just income/expenses?

If there is any financial/reporting info that we want posted, let Chris know

- vote on agenda, aimless moves to vote, zico and karlexceed second, motion passed by unanimous voice vote


- treasurer

- incumbent: Chris

- nominees: Chris (self nominated, starless seconds)

Ran unopposed, incumbent keeps position

Chris' truth: "I like spreadsheets and I like beaurocracies, so I feel like... I like being treasurer, so I feel like... yeah! I also like cinnimon toast crunch, but I don't think that's related."

- secretary

- incumbent: Starless

- nominees: Zico (self nominated, zico seconds)


Queerposting (self nominated, starless seconds)

Starless: "I'm often burnt out. I enjoyed secretary more than I thought I would and I appreciated the opportunity to serve that role for Cyberia. I hope whoever gets the role of secretary can enjoy that part of it as well" (ty for the corrections starless) <3

Zico: "I nominated myself in case Starless didn't want to do it anymore. She does a lot of little roles around, and if she didn't want to do it anymore, I didn't want her to feel like she needed to. "

Queerposting: "I would also appreciate the opportunity to serve Cyberia in a way that is secretarial in the way Starles appreciated. I would also enjoy bringing order to chaos, after a little period of being a little distant from Cyberia (ie. a litlte bit of burnout professionally and from Cyberia) and I wanted to reach out and kind of come back. One of the things I did do was to set up the wiki, and I wanted to come back to that. One of the things I like about Cyberia is that it is very friendly and accessible, and I wanted to leave it to that."

Queerposting has been elected to the Secretary position with a unanimous 8 votes.

- president

- incumbent: Aimless

- nominees: Zico (starless nominated, zico approved)

Aimless (starless nominated, Aimless "supposed it's fine")

Carbide (Chris nominated, Carbide appreciates the gesture but declines)

Jessee (Chris nominated, but Jesse isn't here)

Aimless truth :

1. I do it as a duty.

2. It is really not much work.

3. it's ... a responsibility and I take no perks out of it. And HONOR. Those are my TRUTHS."

Zico's Truth: "First, I'd like to say that I appreciate Aimless' truths, they.. they speak to me. Also, I think it would be fun to have a mostly ceremonial but sometimes-you-need-to-do-a-little-bit-of-work position, and also I really appreciate Johnnie's general vibe in being president."

Aimless wins election with 6 votes to Zico's 3. "Oh, you miserable fucks."

"Speak your truth to run."

2. Moderation proposals for services

ask services to set up some kind of mods@cyberia.club email that posts to the Mods room in matrix

ask services to make the 'report this post' button in matrix do something so we can see that people used it

propose that any voting member can be invited to the mods group on matrix, and that we informally ask at each congresses if anyone there would like to be invited to the mods channel
- starless raises a motion to ask services to support a moderators email alias and to ask services to make the 'report this post' button in the cyberia matrix server send a message to the ed-209 moderation team room, using whatever means make the most sense to them. Queerposting seconds.

Forest: 'using a reverse proxy to route incoming reported messages to custom code that can place the message and report reason in the ed-209 room.'

Motion passes by unanimous voice vote.

3. Move to approve the one-time disbursment of funds or reimbursment of expenses related to the improvment of layor zero up to $450.

- this is setting aside $450 to reimburse folks for expenses of up to a total of $450.

Chris proposes the motion, starless seconds. Motion passes by unanimous voice vote.

4. open discussion

Ritual & Regilia:
[*] you have to speak your truth (during voting)
[*] cinnimon toast crunch rules!
[*] Lies too I guess, but like only secret

Aimless moves to close this congress session, starless seconds. Motion passes by unanimous voice vote. pass ununimooose.