🌻Congress And The BoardMinutes2024-01-28

Cyberia Computer Club Regular Congress on January 28, 2024

Original notes: pad.riseup.net/p/cyberia-congress-20240128-keep

Agenda Items

  • Elections

  • Question on separation of L0 and Cyberia

  • Pride and Peoples' Pride


@see wiki.cyberia.club/hypha/congress_and_the_board/membership

Active Voting Members (need 8 for quorum)

  • alena (present)

  • alexi (absent)

  • carbide_flux (absent)

  • chris (absent)

  • fack (present)

  • jesse (absent)

  • Jessica (present)

  • johnnie (present)

  • jonathan (present)

  • karlexceed (present)

  • queerposting (present)

  • reese (present)

  • sanine (present)

  • scott H (absent)

    • 2 unexcused absences

  • starless (present)

  • vvesley (present)

  • zico (excused absence)

  • Bread (present)

Currently nonvoting presents

  • electron

  • weg

  • strongthany

No new members were nominated or voted in.

Active Branch Updates

@see git.cyberia.club/cyberia/congress-active-branches

Services (Jesse)

  • Seeking update from anyone

  • Fack: Matrix performance improvements coming soon

Meta (Scott)

Johnnie: Let's take advantage of our elected representative to help with our legal questions

games (Johnnie)

  • 2 games bashes

    • Fireball island - horrifying to watch

    • Second one petered out a bit

  • Will continue efforts there

outreach (Starless)

  • Pride vendor registration is open

  • No major outreach things beyond that

  • Might consider some things with Layer Zero

  • Pride is the main focus

  • Cyberia on bluesky?

  • Demo day in a week or so! Spread the word!

rituals and regalia (vvesley)

Truths coming up

hardware liberation (Kurt)

  • Was dissolved at 7/30/2023 congress

  • "It's okay to have dead branches"

  • i think it would be good to spend some time sorting through old electronics at LZ and deciding what we can repurpose and what should be recycled / brought to free geek -reese

    • Let's bring that into matrix and organize

      • Pending a leader: ?

Treasurer Updates

  • Previous balance $5,406.91

  • Only changes have been interest payments

  • Current balance: $5,412.30

  • Need to clarify pending withdrawals with forest

Secretary Updates

Website is up-to-date now

Agenda Item Discussions


Johnnie motions to proceed with agenda, seconded by queerposting

  • motion passes by voice vote


Question on separation of L0 and Cyberia

  • Motion to have the meta branch discuss and propose an actionable agenda item about conjoining L0 and Cyberia offically or formalizing the relationship between them, seconded by queerposting

    • Motion passes by voice vote

  • This will be discussed further in matrix.to/#/!zosUJgjUEFNVpvPYeX:cyberia.club (#meta)

Pride and Peoples' Pride

  • There was a short discussion on whether Cyberia should have a booth at Peoples' Pride in addition to or instead of our usual booth at corpo Pride.

  • No items to vote on, this will be discussed further outside of congress.

Sanine motioned to end congress, seconded by fack. The motion passed by voice/text vote.