🌻Congress And The BoardMinutes2020-04-26

Cyberia Congress April 26th, 2020

Members in attendence:
Starless, Cass, Kurtis, Scott, Johnnie, Aedric

The meeting was called to order at 12:12PM
branch updates
jackbox party cyberia night?
socially-distant partying
all in mumble, play gaaaame
events moving online, outreach moving online
public mumble server picked up a person
What about a public/federeated social media presence
kurtis and cass? are interested in looking at this
we just created a riot room for gardening and we can do similar things for other "non-computer forward" interests.
J3s' changes? Maybe we should look at those when he's around
design branch
logo meeting review-- discussed unified design language across cyberia services
go check out the images in the design matrix channel
no hard deadline for proposed logos, but submissions are open
Targeting next congress for a polished logo!
we are looking to add threads to our matrix channels, but the UI code hasn't been released yet for us to be able to evaluate it.
we need to also evaluate some software options that would bridge matrix and email
The lack of threading and organization in matrix makes it diffiult to keep track of specific projects without reading everything in the channel
forge is our current platform and we are looking to integrate it further into matrix, possibly via forge webhook API messages being piped into our channels.
bsd support was added to capsul.

Johnnie motioned to approve the agenda as stands, Cass seconded. Motion passed by general assent.

open discussion

treasurer update on status payment methods
Stripe still primary method for capsul and donations
Stripe javascript on page load?
Bitcoin and cash process very similar-- send email describing location
Cass added BTC pay!
self-hosted, works like stripe but for cryptocurrency!
the store looks real good
We could provide this as a service to others who want to accept cryptocurrency payments
Do we have objections for people using our services for other deplatformed groups? - legal use is OK
Review FOSTA/CESTA before fully opening it up
just got another capsul payment
we're good financially 'till the end of the year
over half our assets are in crypto-- we should consider how we want to liquidate this
bit-liquid.com is based out of Hopkins, we might like to work with them, depending on overhead
decentralized online crypto exchange bisq, could also work
we don't need to answer this question urgently-- enough USD to go 'till EoY
automatic conversion to USD, we'd need to sign up for an exchange
This seems like a different meeting.

Scott makes a motion to limit crypto sales to a max of 3% fees and at no less than 10% changed market losses. The motion is withdrawn.

We can donate about $100.
is it better to donate in predictable, small amounts, or as a larger lump sum?
may depend on the fee structure for who we're donating to
let's consider places that accept crypto this time?
last time, we decided 50/50 for services we run on/philosophically-aligned groups

Scott motions to move this discussion to create a matrix channel - one for finance and one for donations, Johnnie seconds.
- ask Cass to donate $100 by the end of the month
- 50/50 split among services & philosophical causes

Re-motion ala Kurt seconded by Aedric & Scott
- Cass is to donate $50 to ACLU & $50 to Matrix by end of April
- details finalized in Matrix in the next few days
Passed by voice vote

Kurt mentions that we ought to formalize the donation process for the sake of our treasurer, bring proposals to next Congress.

Meta branch was asked to draw up a proposed set of rules around donations Cyberia makes.

Secretary stuff--
- unexcused absences
- j3s excused because painkillers
- cal, forest, fack not here - unexcused absences

Services update
- capsul now supports a bunch of different OSs
- forge exists!
- git server
- mailling list serve
- tracks issues
- trying different integrations with forge & matrix to see if we can find a systemt hat works well
- lots of outside interest in services-- 3 or 4 customers from non cyberia
- got an openbsd mailing list person :)
- go check ou new pricing poposal on the mailing list
- respond to mailing list priing stuff on the mailing list
- most people's costs will be lower, but our margins stay about the same
- if we get two more sign-ups from the new plan, we'll be totally clear
- changes are use-based rather than standardized

Cas was writing a blog post on this-- blog post will go up today, because we forgot to post it
perhaps another internet blackout day?
use caution re: public safety and internet outage
blackout for a shorter period, limited services
Can the EFF run this thing? We should ask themm to do that.

open discussion
- social hardware network?
- ham radio network?
- DN42
- online hackathon

Johnnie motions to adjourn the meeting, Starless seconds

meeting adjourned