🌻Congress And The BoardMinutes2022-07-31

Cyberia Computer Club Regular Congress on July 31, 2022

Agenda Items

Ratify New Members

starless proposes we welcome secondserenity as a voting member, aimless seconds

strawpoll votes: alena is ratified

starless proposes we welcome everywalladoor as a voting member, zico seconds

strawpoll votes: jonathan is ratified

Carbide proposes we modify our quorum rules to make it easier to reach quorum

Item Three


carbide_flux (present)

chris (absent)

fack (absent)

jesse (excused)

johnnie (present)

karlexceed (excused)

kurtis (absent)

queerposting (excused)

sanine (excused)

scott H (present)

starless (present)

vvesley (present)

zico (present)

alena (present)

jonathan (present)

@see git.cyberia.club/cyberia/congress-active-branches

Active Branch Updates

### services (Jesse)

Zico plugs LZ calendar calendar.layerze.ro/

you can subscribe to events from an activitypub account!

Follow from mastodon like a cool kid!!!!

### meta (Scott)

no updates

### games (Johnnie)

we should do a game day a lot, actually

we should do game day e v e r y d a y


aimless will plan a dedicated game day, not just a friday sleepy game time

hang out, board games

### outreach (Starless)

Aug 6 really really FREE MARKET- powderhorn park

feel free to make suggestions/share ideas on what we could do for community outreach stuff

suggestions for class topics welcome

### hardware liberation (Kurt)

no update

zico plugs billy bass being alive-- very liberated robofish

### rituals and regalia (vvesley)

no updates :)

Treasurer Updates

not here

we're assuming it's all steady

Some request/idea that another person be familiar with and shadow the finances for contingency purposes

Secretary Updates

Queerposting: No major updates, looking to improve documentation in the wiki overall.

we're assuming it's all steady

============================= Agenda Item Discussions ================================
Open discussion items raised:


- add shadow to treasurer position?

- scott volunteers

- scott can meet up with chris and shadow locally for a bit

- scott will text cass and set this up

New members ratified (yay)



Carbide's proposal to make it easier to hit quorum

maybe we just do more regular reminders

we could change how we hit quorum, but we worry about hostiletakeover/presidential machinations

should we do signal group stuff?

let's put our congress stuff in our layerze.ro calendar schedule tool

spelling game







aimless motions to close congress, starless seconds , zico objects
motion passes by voice vote