🌻Congress And The BoardMinutes2022-04-30

Agenda Items:
-attendance and new membership

carbide_flux (excused)



jesse - excused



kurtis (Absent)



scott H




is weg a voting member? minor discussion--unsure.

- branch (blanche) updates


No change

we have space and lots of tables, a dedicated gaming day is approaching

once matrix is up ideas will be "shlanged"

could do some kind of magic drafting? cubes? (It's a conglomeration of sets people like)

What's up with the minetest server?

It's down, was on gibson (needs to be separated from official stuff)

Gibson only hosted mumble as an official cyberia service (now on comet)

regarding game night stuff, if there is interest sanine would be down to DM TTRPG (?) DND, etc.

starless and wes and zico are interested

Meta (scott)

I've been afk for two months, no updates

Outreach (Starless)

Forest: Why are we looking at teaching classes at LZ?

Forest wants regulars at LZ and wants it to be a happenin place, sees this as a vehicle

Most people have a job and won't be doing that, people without a job might be interested in programming to get a job

Wants to have more things going on than just a once-a-week craft night

No big changes

As covid situation fluctuates, we have an open invitation to Rapture

can ping justice

May want to consider Pride, don't know the deadlines

Forest is interested and will proceed with that

We're open to ideas for how to use the space

technology self-defense, falling back in love with colmputers

haven't discussed physical space expectations, but it's important that we make use of the space


matrix down from update

People keep asking forest about capsul

people making pull requests and engaging, really cool

Making something that a global community of folks are interested - really fucking cool

Forest has been doing video calls with people to set up environments

It would be great to get more folks involved in development

Sanine is down to help with that!

Python and pip is fun

Hardware Lib

Rituals and Regalia

No updates, but no blockers!

Zico: more wizard robes

Enamel pins?

Maybe we can sway carbide into helping develop a Cyberia Broach

What is the wizard robe budget?

No bathrobes

aimless has robes to provide

won't discuss yesses and nos of bathrobes

suggestions for rituals and stuff, vves can csv

When the matrix is back up, put ideas in the rituals chat room!

Karl: stickers?

They're hanging out at LZ

More stickers can be printed

Wes used "speedyslaps"

- treasurer update

real quick currently have: two thousand, twenty five dollars and thirty seven cents $2,025.37

monthly average use has gone up

need to decide which orgs to donate to

that's all!

- vote on agenda

- zico proposes we add discussion & vote on which orgs to donate to to agenda
seconded by starless
Amended proposal: approve funds for donation, empower comittee to choose

Do we have a list of organizations we could donate to?

Forest has some suggestions

CoOp Cloud - they're really cool and our interests overlap


Matrix, nextcloud, apache, linux, signal, yunohost, mumble



Proposal #1: The proposal was changes as such: approve funds for donation, empower and create comittee to choose which orgs to donate from a fixed budget

Kas, Forest, volunteers?

We should determine the amount before we vote on the proposal

Kas: We need to see if we're paying for Pride or not, depends

We should choose what is more important: pride or outreach via donations to orgs?

Forest is down to cover Pride out of pocket

Scott: Let's try to keep this as a Cyberia cost

The bylaws dictate Kas has authority for costs up to $200, more for costs related to the space

(aside) Strongthany proposed adding a link to Mumble on our site, will submit a PR

Aimless: proposes lumping in Pride and donations as a single fund for the comittee to disperse

Scott: It seems like we're already on board for Pride, let's just do it and move on

Kas: We have $1000 to spare for donating

Proposal #1: was rejected by majority voice vote

Proposal #2: Proposal from Starless: Approval of dispersement of up to $1,000 in funds for Pride from club funds. The remainder of unspent funds will remain in the club account.

Proposal #2: seconded by Scott and queerposting

Passed by voice vote, will be added to agenda

Proposal #3: Second proposal from Starless: Empower and create comittee to choose which orgs to donate, identify budget for approval at next congress

Starless: How much did we donate last time? 200?

Kas confirmed

Discussion: Do we wait for subcomittee to identify orgs and seek approval, or authorize subcomittee to donate funds?

Wes: we can have the subcomittee decide the dollar amount to

Proposal #3: Passed by voice vote

Proposal #4: promptly dropped by scott

Proposal #5: Let's add an agenda point to have a discussion about the utilization of Layer Zero, instead of having the discussion while setting the agenda

Vote on agenda item

1. Approval of dispersement of up to $1,200 in funds for Pride from club funds. The remainder of unspent funds will remain in the club account.

Item passed by voice vote

2. Empower and create comittee (LISTED IN MINUTES) to choose which orgs to donate, identify budget for approval at next congress

Kas, Forest, queerposting, wes

Item passed by voice vote

3. Spring party at Layer Zero using discretionary funds

Led by outreach branch

Vote on agenda items passed by voice vote

Item passed by voice vote, no. of boos 1 (for forest's joke)

Motion to close congress, seconded by queerposting

Passed by voice vote

1. Spring Party at Layer Zero


Originally presented by zico

Aimless mentioned that LZ is not a public space, but a clubhouse

Starless: issue of zoning, we can't just have people walk in. A question of making the address not secret anymore?

Zico wants to open up the space to folks who aren't necessarily members

Scott: We should commit to having a welcoming environment for folks who aren't "us"

Karl: pamphlets for folks who visit?

Aimless: I don't want anyone from the public to be able to show up in the club's space unannounced

Starless: We should ask for proposals with actionable items for things we could do to achieve the goal of a friendly space

2. Summer Mentor/Learning program (tabled)

3. open discussion (table)