🌻Congress And The BoardMinutes2020-07-26

chair: Aimless

Agenda Items:
- member update: vote to add MC Crash and Vvesley to voting members roster

- branch updates

- vote on agenda

1. open discussion
- joining POSTME.mn coalition
- Can RT4mn be added as an official branch of Cyberia?
- finance report from cass

Voting members present

crash (nonvoting)
vvesley (nonvoting)
(7/10) == quorum




Delaying start by 4-5 mins waiting for late arrivals

Aimless moved to vote to add MC Crash and Vvesley to become moving members, starless seconded. J3s suggested we find a way to vote anonymously. We used strawpoll.

vvesley - www.strawpoll.me/20668343
5/7 votes yay to ratify vvesley's membership

Crash - www.strawpoll.me/20668353/
6/7 votes yay to ratify Crash's membership

moving to branch updates;


no physical get togethers, not much in terms of updates.

there is now a cyberia dota2 guild that you may join


-capsul self-service was released, forest created it, j3s maintaining it-- thanks forest!
- 20 running customer capsuls, rest are internal or donated to folks, gaining $5/month at least, money looks good well into next year
- jitsi problems have been resolved
- riot.cyberia.club still exists even though element is the new thing-- we'll support both eventually (element.cyberia.club)
- we've been talking about a mailing list for a while, we've been trying it out for some things, but it hasn't been perfect. There's ongoing discussion on if we should keep our mailing lists that's happening in #services on matrix.
- started hosting for northstar health collective. hosting a couple of their web pages, a form for secure medic feedback, and a hygiene diagram website where people can download privacy and political hygiene info
- also did some pro bono wordpress work for worker's defense alliance & set up a matrix system for them
- nstarnews.org (twitter.com/NStarPost) -- we set up their website, too. Sam at Northstar news is our point of contact.
- namecoin.org probono hosting-- hosting a large capsul for jeremy rand talos, using it to do firefox builds. The work is in effort to get *.bit domains to resolve in firefox, and is using our server to get ARM-based firefox builds working. *.bit is outside of ICANN TLDs, but you can buy them via de-centralized methods.


Primarily services has been reaching out doing probono work, but outreach has been active in the DC612 community.
Cryptoparty would like to stay a sister organization and not necessarily a branch - look into in the future
postme coalition with the ACLU, put up a website for them
We could advertise capsul on some of these postme/etc websites, perhaps
postme.mn -> postme website

Kurtis is interested in pursuing activitypub
f0x has offered Cyberia an account on their Mastodon system - tyvm
If the Jitsi service can handle hundreds of streams simultaneously, the local demoscene may want to utilize that. Upper limit unknown.


Meta reached out to some lawyers about nonprofit vs coop status, none of them have gotten back probably due to covid-related weirdnesses.


Design has been relatively inactive for the last few months, but the draft logos that we wound up with have been relatively inoffensive.
Aimless to ask other dota2 guild members about their feelings on the logo.
Prelim logo designs and vote tally:
stacked C: 6
c in box: 4
cyberia swoop: 3
building: 3

Moved to vote on the agenda
minor discussion about some topics - specifically whether external orgs can become a part of Cyberia
"I would like it if restore the fourth as an organization could be a 'member' rather than a branch"

Aimless proposes modifying the agenda to strike nonprofit status
Starless seconds the motion

j3s proposes a quick finance overview by Cass
Aimless seconds

Keep PostME on the agenda

Agenda passes by voice vote, no opposition

Open Discussion

joining POSTME.mn coalition

PostME coalition is partnered with ACLU. RT4MN hosts PostME infrastructure. At the bottom of the posting website it would be neat to say that Cyberia/Capsul is a member of the coalition since there seems to be an alignment of values. It wouldn't involve any additional effort from Cyberia because Kurt and Cass are both active.


In order to get a sense, you really need to visit the website. If you go to the website, you can see all of the people who are involved under the "about us" tab. The only work that comes from this is that "we are an organization whose values are aligned with this effort."

Starless notes that joining the coalition is a political statement.


Fack proposed to table due to voice issues as well as lacking some amount of information.
Starless seconded
Starless would like to vote for a second, specific irregular congress to vote on backing PostME.

Motion to table joining postme.mn coalition has been tabled, board of directors is expected to meet and set an irregular congress date in 2-3 weeks.

Aimless motions discussing rt4mn
Starless seconds
passes by majority vote

Can RT4mn be added as an official branch of Cyberia?

Starless voices an argument against merging external organizations as branches due to implicit potential disagreements. It also adds the potential to have culture conflicts, and muddies questions of authority.

Aimless agrees & Jesse pontificates about organizational webrings

Kurt notes that backing legislation is putting the card before the horse since we haven't decided on an org type yet.

Kurt & Aimless suggest we need to resolve questions around politics and our nonprofit status to address this item.

Kurt notes that nonprofit status should happen sooner than later.

Aimless raises motion to table rt4mn
Starless seconds
passes by voice vote



Senate judiciary committee seems to have unanimously approved the Earn IT act.

Unanimous booing

Financial Report

aimless moves to move to cass' financial report, motion was seconded by starless, voice vote approved moving to the discussion


Could reach out to DC612 and offer 3-month capsul subscription for whoever speaks there.

Openly speaking about funding sources (shirts, capsuls, donations, etc)

Outreach Matrix channel for additional discussion!

The end

Aimless moves to close
Starless seconds
passes by voice vote