🌻Congress And The BoardMinutes2023-04-30


Cyberia Computer Club Regular Congress on April 30, 2023

Agenda Items

Treasurer and Legal Compliance Handoff (Proposed by queerposting)

Establish current status

Identify path forward

LZ Mask Policy Revisions (?)

Taking this conversation to Matrix

Moderation both online and offline

Explicit expectations, more standard

Add bread as a voting member 🍞

Vote to add new voting members

Consequence timeline for rulebreaking

Bread's project proposal: blog?

Reminder: Board of Directors meeting takes place immediately after Congress

@see wiki.cyberia.club/hypha/congress_and_the_board/membership


Active Voting Members







[2 unexcused absences]










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scott H

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Other Members



@see git.cyberia.club/cyberia/congress-active-branches

Active Branch Updates

### services (Jesse)

No updates

### meta (Scott)

Potential discussion around moderation both online and offline, not sure if this belongs within the scope of the meta branch or as a general discussion

### games (Johnnie)

Game day pending?

Board games were proposed following congress, but will depend on how folks are feeling

More movie nights at LZ, interest indicated

### outreach (Starless)

We've got pride! It's coming up at the end of June

Forest did the paperwork for us (TY!!)

We're in a bit of a noisier corner

We should have a followup chat for planning, etc.

Starless can make a matrix channel during/after congress for those interested in joining

It was good for pre-planning and coordination, and spreading the word during the event


We'll want a signup system, try to get at least three people at the booth at a given time

ethercalc spreadsheet?

Clear your weekend, come join us!

Bring demos, projects, cool stuff, good vibes

### hardware liberation (Kurt)

No updates

### rituals and regalia (vvesley)

Wes isn't here, but anyone can do a ritual

No updates

Fack: would like to be more involved with this branch

Inspired by the demoscene

CyberiaConf late-May


Treasurer Updates

Sanine was elected Treasurer during the last Congress

Since last checked, no major change in finances.

current ballence: $3,587.39

Secretary Updates

PR up with update to 2023 calendar on website

List of active, voting members updated

aimless moves to approve the agenda as it stands. queerposting seconds. Motion passes by majority vote.

============================= Agenda Item Discussions ================================

Treasurer and Legal Compliance Handoff (Proposed by queerposting)

Establish current status

Last congress we had elections, Sanine was voted as treasurer

No word from incumbent at the time so we moved on as best we could

Nothing in the bylaws about missed meetings as officer role

Looking to Cass for any information to take control/lead with the position

Can set up a meeting at any time, as an official BOD or other meeting

Identify path forward

We will receive documents async, ASAP

We will coordinate a date to meet with Cass to do live handoff

New Voting Members

Chris: strawpoll.com/polls/poy9W6mwOgJ

Passed, will be a voting member for next congress

Bread: strawpoll.com/polls/05ZdWq7DNg6

Passed, will be a voting member for next congress

Consequence timeline for rulebreaking in cyberia events/online space


Execute on first instance of rule-breaking




Casual heads-up that they're breaking a rule

Record of this gets into mod chat ? record somewhere

Give them some time to self-correct (under an hour)

We ask them to leave/if online kick (give months for them to be gone?)


Two people should ask if in person

If the person does not leave when two people ask, everybody leaves the space?

An arbitrator comes in and gets everyone's stories


Encourages the person to leave or encourage people to return

In chat moderation, we might kick on first offense with the assumption of immaturity, and eventually ban with continued infractions

What about "vibe"

Is it insulting of someone else?

Establish a record in chat (?) or some other means

Bread: We may need a different set of standards between online and in-person

Some kind of anonymous submission process?

When discussing in-person interactions, an example scenario would be Pride

Starless will lead with assembling committee via Matrix to formalize rules

Bread's project proposal: blog?

tutorial sessions

news column/cyberia blog thingie?

layer zero project logs (i want to write abt omnibus -reese)

cyberia chats

tooling talks

not fridays necessarily

flash demo night was cool

please adopt our official blog <3 git.cyberia.club/cyberia/website/src/branch/main/site/blog

Demo day (?)

Starless: May 27th as proposed date

Aimless moves to vote on May 27th as demo day, seconded by alena

motion passes by majority vote

Now voting on solidifying May 27th as a demo day

motion passes by unanimous vote

Open Discussion

Reese has been doing some cool stuff at LZ around automation w/ home assistant

Aimless motions to end this session of congress. karl seconds.
Congress has been closed by unanimous vote.