🌻Congress And The BoardMinutes2020-10-25

2020-10-25 Cyberia Computer Club Congress




Proposed Agenda

- branch updates
- treasurer update
- vote on agenda
- discuss possibility of physical hackspace
- remove matrix email requirement
- create ryf diy branch
- open discussion

Branch Updates


dota2 guild exists


christorson has put together the paperwork trail


we have a logo! link?


Outreach was active at HOPE 2020, which has gained us additional cyberians! Cool stuff on old printers and very cool retro tech.

Day-to-day starless has been bringing in a couple new members!

RT4 hosted a town hall on our streaming service! Active chat with 40+ concurrent viewers.

ACLU-mn was impressed, talking with them bout more formal home for future streaming

Libreplanet is being hosted in March, there are deadlines:

Early november: talk
Booth: Can email them now for cost and other details. Will be made public soon.


Good moneys, capsul, stream, libre VPS.

Treasurer Update: Finance Update


- Tristan mentioned that they may be able to put ~$1,500 or so towards the D16 project.

We have about ~$1,000 for new stuff

Agenda Proposals

Starless proposes to add "remove matrix email requirement" to agenda
Jesse seconds the proposal

Kurt proposes new "hardware hacking" branch
Aimless seconds

Brief speakings about meta

The agenda was approved by a verbal vote with the new items above included

discuss possibility of physical hackspace

The possibility was discussed, j3s described the initial inspiration and some of the vision, price was targetted at roughly $800/month, Tristan mentioned the assembly building, we talked about the activity of the space. It should not be a tool storage location, btu a cool hangout space for membership and their respective communities.

remove matrix email requirement

Lots of discussion, ultimately it was decided that services should do the following:
- make a form on the cyberia website that a person fills out
- the form then auto-makes the user a matrix account
- j3s agreed, starless offered to help with form language

ryf diy branch creation

This branch is intended to be the upstream to hack on hardware that has a very large freedom focus.

head: Kurtis

Contention about the name being exclusionary - RYF DIY can exclude peoples, a different name ought to be proposed.

Within the group, membership ought to drive culture organically.

Hardware Liberation branch proposed - name to be confirmed next congress.

Aimless motions to create hardware liberation branch
Starless seconds

passes by unanimous voice vote at 13:37


Starless proposes to make carbide a voting member
j3s seconds

Approved by unanimous voice vote


Aimless moves to close congress
Starless seconds

Congress closed