🌻Congress And The BoardMinutes2024-04-28

Cyberia Computer Club Regular Congress on April 28, 2024

Original notes: pad.riseup.net/p/cyberia-congress-20240428-keep-keep

Agenda Items

  • Merging Cyberia and Layer Zero organizations

  • Corpo Pride vs People's Pride


@see wiki.cyberia.club/hypha/congress_and_the_board/membership

Active Voting Members (need 8 for quorum)

  • alena (present)

  • alexi (present)

  • breadzepplin (absent)

  • carbide_flux (present)

  • chris (absent)

    • 2 unexcused absences

  • fack (present)

  • jesse (absent)

    • 2 unexcused absences

  • jessica (absent)

  • johnnie (absent)

  • jonathan (absent)

  • karlexceed (present)

  • queerposting (present)

  • reese (present)

  • sanine (excused absence)

  • starless (present)

  • vvesley (absent)

  • zico (present)

Currently nonvoting presents

  • forest

Active Branch Updates

@see git.cyberia.club/cyberia/congress-active-branches

services (Jesse) (Forest)

  • Forest wants help configuring backups

  • Some things aren't run due to no capsul backups

  • Git server needs a backup

  • matrix ostensibly has one but we could verify

  • Zico would like to help

meta (Scott)

  • Plover-- folks w/ colocation in the twin cities

  • What's up w/ them/us together? Can we host server locally? (circle back to this)

  • baikal reprovisioning ritual???

games (Johnnie)

  • No updates.

outreach (Starless)

rituals and regalia (vvesley)

Treasurer Updates

  • Previous balance: $5,412.30

  • Current balance: (sanine to update when she's here next)

Secretary Updates

  • Alena looking through Wiki

  • We still have some pending migration ghosts

  • One spot that needs filling in is finance

    • No docs on where our accounts are

    • Reached out to Sanine, but due to medical issues, there's been some delays

    • Forest can help out to fill some info in (Sunrise bank info)

    • Queerposting might also have info

    • Colab on this on Saturday-- maybe get MFA shared

    • Reese: we should put the credentials in pass.cyberia.club

  • Un-congress next weekend!

  • Can we delete minetest and nethack wiki?

Agenda Item Discussions

Should Cyberia and LZ merge in some way?

  • Right now, the Cyberia MN-official non profit does not exist anymore-- non profit license expired.

  • Do we want to have a Cyberia non-profit specifically for Cyberia computer club (the online thing)? that also kind of blends into th in person stuff? or do we want to let cyberia be a separate thing (maybe no nonprofit) maybe LZ needs the nonprofit

  • In the long term, esp w j3s move :(, Forest would <3 to see LZ get Non-Profit and have Non Profit be leaseholder.

  • Starless proposes: Make a MN-Local NonProfit entity for Layer Zero with the intent that the LZ np entity becomes the lease-holder of the Layer Zero physical space. Seconded by zico

  • All in favor of labor not going to renew Cyberia/renewing as Layer Zero motion passed unanimously

  • Cyberia is still the group of people, Layer Zero is where we hang out.

Plover colab?

  • Plover will be invited to the Baikal Retirement Party

Saturday work stuff ideas:

  • Build a way to carry Baikal as a group

  • Come up with Baikal retirement ritual

  • Document finances

  • Fill out LZ nonprofit paperwork

  • People's Pride application

  • Hudson pride application (ixex)

Last item: Forest loves all of us. Seconded by starless.

Starless motions to close congress, Fack seconds, motion passes unanimously.