🌻Congress And The BoardMinutes2023-01-29

Cyberia Computer Club Regular Congress on January 29, 2023

Agenda Items

branch updates: Games, Meta, Outreach, Services, Hardware Liberation, Rituals and Regalia

treasurer update -pinned

Vote in new members

vote on agenda

elections for officer positions

Incumbents: Prez Aimless (Johnnie), Secretary QueerPosting(I don't know QPs realname), Treasurer Cass (Chris)

Board Members: officers above, Scott, Kurt
0.2open discussion

@see wiki.cyberia.club/hypha/congress_and_the_board/membership


alena (present)

carbide_flux (excused)

chris (absent)

jesse (absent)

johnnie (present)

jonathan (present)

karlexceed (present)

queerposting (present)

reese (nonvoting/present)

sanine (present)

scott H (absent)

starless (present)

vvesley (present)

zico (present)

fack (nonvoting/present)

jessica (nonvoting/present)


ckie (nonvoting/present; transcription bot)

@see git.cyberia.club/cyberia/congress-active-branches

Active Branch Updates

### services (Jesse)

Matrix was down, we did some work to fix that

Forest created a janitor bot(sequentialread.com/matrix-synapse-out-of-disk-space-state_groups_state/) to clean things up, running on the matrix server

reese updated gitea to forgejo(forgejo.org/)

ckie has been working on a bot to do speech-to-text in Mumble

### meta (Scott)

Not present, no updates

### games (Johnnie)

No updates, possible games party in the next weeks

### outreach (Starless)

still standing invite at ground zero for first fridays

we have signed up for a booth at pride

maybe get a printer for zines

### hardware liberation (Kurt)

no kurt

### rituals and regalia (vvesley)

we have now pressed 'f' to pay respects for a loss at layer zero (mourning the loss/misplacement of a screwdriver kit)

Treasurer Updates

we might not have an update from Chris (pinged via signal, by fack) on this

Should we run cyberia financials through open collective?

Let's look into reimbursing whoever paid for pride registration and rental

Forest may act as a backup treasurer

Let's triple check that we're current on taxes, etc.

Secretary Updates

Will update 2023 calendar on website

Will update new voting members

Johnnie moves to approve the agenda as it stands. Starless seconds. Motion passes by unanimous voice vote.

============================= Agenda Item Discussions ================================

- vote in new members


reese: I would like our meetings to be more accessible to me (both as a listener and speaker) before i take on any officer role but i am in favor of being a voting member. 💜

Starless: reese is great. I nominate reese as a voting member. Could we nominate reese as a voting member,

They're excellent in chat


Hang out a bunch at Layer Zero and care about technology and people

Forest: reese has already become involved in maintaining our services


reese has been voted in as a voting member by unanimous, majority vote


Nominated by starless

Has been hanging out with us at Layer Zero

Has a lot of interest in writing her own software stuff, learning, great to hang out with

Would be an awesome Cyberia member


Jessica has been voted in as a voting member by unanimous, majority vote


Nominated by karl


fack has been voted in as a voting member by unanimous, majority vote

-officer elections

- treasurer

- Incumbent: Chris/cass

- Volunteers/nominations

- Sanine is volunteering to run

- secretary (scribe?)

- Incumbent: queerposting

- queerposting can run again unless someone else is interested and would like to self-nominate

- preseident

- Incumbent: johnnie

Johnnie motions to lock in ballot as it is written. starless seconds. Motion passes by unanimous voice vote.

Treasurer vote link: strawpoll.com/polls/w4nWrDd95yA
Secretary/Scribe vote link: strawpoll.com/polls/xVg7jdaAKnr
President vote link: strawpoll.com/polls/Q0ZpR4qpDnM

Johnnie, chris, misha, scott, kurt are current board members

open discussion

- Starless: are we conforming to legal requirements about having a publicly listed board of directors for our non-profit status?
- Reese: Maybe in the long term we could transition to a cooperative structure rather than a non-profit? I was reading this blog post from the co-op gwenprime is part of and i think we could take some pointers perhaps. blog.emma.coop/andy/forming-a-creative-code-and-technology-co-operative
specifically i like that there aren't officer positions, instead they rotate duties and teach everyone how to do everything. i think they only have like, 4 people though, and it'd be harder with Cyberia's size.
proposed solution: something like unix groups, where everyone in the group is trained in that role, and people can be part of more than one group. at congress we decide who to add and remove from groups rather than electing single officers.

- great idea-- let's discuss in another meeting/on matrix/after

-Starless: I wonder if it might make sense to embrace that more for LZ than for Cyberia as a Legal Entity?

Johnnie motions to end this session of congress. Queerposting seconds.

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