🌻Congress And The BoardMinutes2021-07-25

Agenda Items:

- attendance

jesse - present

johnnie - presentdent

scott - present

starless - present

vvesley - present

carbide - present

karlexceed - present

chris - unexcused

fack - unexcused

kurt - unexcused

crash - unexcused

icarusredux - unexcused

- branch updates

- games

- no updates

- more of us are vaccinated, perhaps games bash 2.0??

- would like to nominate a certain somebody (j3s) to host

- services

- a lot again!!

- yolo-colo: 3wc and posse are helping w/ capsul development

- they will host their own version for leftist europe folks

- very cool, lots of sharing back and forth

- been very sweet

- capsul is making more money than anyone expected, capsul could pay for a physical space if we want it to

- currently pulling in about $600/month for club funds

-started a new service, shrapnl

-j3s/vves working adhoc

-binary hosting service, auto https with a public ip

- no expected outages or migrations soon

- hardware upgrade for capsul?

-will need to expand to a second server (see request for money later), would like to get a bigger one

- 1/2 U w/ dual blade, ~200 capsuls per blade, so it'd be a bigger investment, but could pull in more stuff and give us a nice platform

- request will just be for enough money to cover, pending specs

- intend to continue hosting w/ cyberwurx, v happy with them


- no updates

- design

- new logo

- starless raised a motion to add authorizing logo , vves seconded, motion passed by unanimous voice vote

- what to do about design branch?

- scott makes a motion to add a discussion to the agenda on what to do with the design branch, jes and karl seconded, motion passed by voice vote

-hardware lib

- no updates

- outreach go last (pride will take a bit)

- reached out to cloud co op

- did pride!

- a little expensive

- overhead canopy was nice

- demos went over well

- might want a wagon/cart

- good to have food/cold drinks at booth

- queerposting might have a wagon we can borrow

- upcoming events:

- Rapture on August 6th, with setup night August 5th

- zico, queerposting, vves, scott ping re: help w/ setup planning on the 5th

- August 6th 10 pm - 2 am, let starless know in advance so you get on the guestlist

- collaboration w/ REM5 for their HACKERS (1995) themed night

- August 28th, details still pending

- (Rapture is a recurring event on the first friday of every month)

- treasurer update

- No chris today, steady on the front

-vote on agenda

- aimless raises a motion to solidify the agenda as it stands, starless seconds, motion passed by unanimous voice vote

-vote on new voting membership

- starless nominates queerposting to be a voting member, scott seconds, motion passed by anonymous strawpoll vote

- starless nominates zico to be a voting member, vves seconds, motion passed by anonymous strawpoll vote

-update membership roster

- zico he/him

- queerposting they/she

1. congress approval of paying forest back ($834.30) for fronting the money for P ride

aimless makes motion, scott seconds, motion passes by unanimous voice vote

j3s will reach out to chris to write forest a check

2. Service branch propsal for new hardware for capsul?

j3s makes a motion to propose up to $3,000 on new capsul hardware at j3s and forest's discretion, starless seconds (discussion of item below)

- baikal cost $1500, we want more than 2x the bounce, and expect to pay about 3k for it. Expected is probably $2500.

- do we want a fundraising event to help cover server?

- logo/merch?

- is there a way to update current hardware? no, maxed out.

- is there a timeline constraint? Is this is a 'today' question?

- We enabled our new 3 IP allocations, we maxed out 2, we flipped on our third IP block two weeks ago

- Our new IP block is about 20% full already, we expect to run out of space in the next 2 months or so

- One-time allocation of hardware purchase

- Hardware comes to MN folks, we set it up, then we ship it to Georgia, and then they put it in as soon as they get it. About 2 weeks turnaround process

- Can we have a set up party?

- No need for approval for a fundraiser.

motion passed by voice vote

3. Adopt new logo vote/discussion
starless makes motion to adopt the logo as the official logo for cyberia, karl seconded, motion passed by voice vote

- aimless requests lore

cool retrowave sun from the stripes on the bottom

resembles lain's haircut

mountains are present in siberia

is this an image of lake baikal?

4. what to do about design branch?

let's dissolve design branch, if needed, we can use outreach for buying some stuff

rituals and regalia/rituals and algorithms could oversee regalia, though that's not a current branch

aimless motions to dissolve design branch due to redundancy, scott seconds motion passed by unanimous voice vote

5. open discussion

- vves proposes to create a rituals and regalia branch, scott seconds, motion passed by voice vote

- can the branch help document, track, and enable these things?

- looking at how to get clothes, where to get stickers, getting cost estimates

- not responsible for enforcement, but can provide guidance

- scibes and artificiers, not cops.

- vves will be the head.

aimless motions to close congress, starless seconds, motion passed by voice vote