🌻Congress And The BoardMinutes2021-01-31

2021-01-31 Cyberia Computer Congress

voting members present: aedric, aimless, fack, j3s, kurtis, mc_crash, vvesley, chris, and starless

nonvoting members present: forest, icarusredux, louisg, karlexceed, techieb0y

Agenda Items:

- branch updates

- treasurer update

- vote on agenda

1. services branch money request

2. elections for officer positions
Incumbents: Prez Aimless (Johnnie), Secretariat j3s (Jesse),cdw Treassurer Cass (Chris)

Board Members: officers above, kurt and scott

3. open discussion

- vote on 'grand lodge' org name

- vote to add new voting members

- vote on ammeding bylaws? typo on line 157

- outreach branch discussion {Social Media)

branch updates


minetest building stuff!! going to be doing some games after congress!!!

at 3pm jackbox or something.


pretty quiet, icarus had good ideas about social media outreach

lots of people in pixie.town - crash & icarus - crash had expressed general interest in mastodon. icarus also expressed expanding social media profile in to the fediverse. discussions ongoing.

couple of requests from community members.

continuing to work with dc612 for their venue.

FOSDEM is inbound!! they'll be fully on matrix.


mostly not up to anything this quarter

recently took on a design/development request from a nonprofit to manage & build a photo organization app. posting more about that in #design - anyone interested in doing design/dev work, started uploading.


Services has a email hosting optioin for members or good folk (NOT BUSINESSES)
Capsul Upgrades

(Multi host) Scaling sideways, SSH KEY WORK, GEEK OS suport

Status: trucking


finished paperwork for creating the 2nd org that will serve as the central lodge.

also drafted the 501c10 paperwork

starless: can i add voting on layer0 or whatever grand lodge to the agenda?
aimless agrees

hardware liberation

librebooted a D16, we have a matrix channel at #hwlib!! whatever your hardware liberation related project might be, you're welcome to join adn collaborate with us. optionally document it so that other people may follow in your footsteps.

treasurer update

we currently have $1,362 in the bank - up $365 since last meeting, which is enough to cover expenses. +$700 in crypto (6.2 XMR & some amount of BTC)

vote on agenda

aimless proposes to vote on the agenda
starless seconds
vote passes by voice vote

services branch money request

memory @ 91%, disc at 60%
jes proposes we spend $500 to move to 60% and 40% respectively
chris and crash second
upgrades: 1TB nvme drive, pci card that takes 2 nvme drives, and 64GB memory, CPU and network both look good
aedric and j3s discuss-- this hardware would max out our server, will need to buy another server for next step

estimate for next server cost-- baikal fits 90 capsuls, but can the next fit 180-300? physical space efficiency a priority. $2.5-$3k for beeeeg upgrade-- 2 servers in 1 U, with effective stats of about 4x current baikal. should last us for a long time, gives headroom for CPU intensive offerings.

pcie10 nvme -- pcie swtich chips & mobo bifurcation concerns brought up by luisg. Be sure to ensure hardware support.

starless proposed motion is ammended to: vote to give services $500, so long as the upgrade to baikal is possible. Hardware concerns were raised. Should proposed storage solution not work, services should return the remainder. Seconded by aedric and fack.
aimless moved to vote to ammend motion to include conditional upgrade , motion passed unanimously by voice vote

back to the primary motion (j3s proposed, chris and crash seconded):
"give services $500, so long as the upgrade to baikal is possible. Hardware concerns were raised. Should proposed storage solution not work, services should return the remainder."
passes by voice vote unanimously

elections for officer positions

lots of discussion takes place about the duties of the board members, seperation from congress, and membership requirements.

to summarize: 5 positions are expiring today (3 officer/board members, and 2 board members)

president (incumbent aimless)

starless nominates aimless for president, j3s seconds. aimless accepts nomination

starless nominates vves for el presidente

vvesley accepts the nomination with the stipulation of "don't vote for me, vote for johnnie"

aimless: 7
vvesley: 1

aimless retains presidency for another year

secretary (incumbent j3s)

j3s nominates starless

starless accepts the nomination

starless nominates j3s
j3s accepts nomination

starless maliciously nominates vvesley
vvesley declines

wes and crash were both killed in action and have been teleported back to the meeting room

president requests people with swords kill the monsters in minetest

Starless: 5
j3s: 3

starless has been elected into secretary for 1y!

treasurer (incumbent chris)

aimless nominates chris starless seconds nomination, j3s thirds nomination

chris accepts the nomination

the president advises the members to beware of zombies as it is now night outside and requests folks who are able kill the zombies

chris receives 7 votes

n/a receives 0 votes

chris has been elected into treasurer for another year

Board Members

aimless nominates kurt for the board, Kurt accepts nomination
chris suggests we ensure our board has an odd number of people (for voting purposes)

starless nominates j3s, j3s accepts

starless nominates forest, forest accepts

Kurt nominates vves to the board-- cites vves' vision and participation, vves accepts

kurt/j3s/vvesley: 7 votes
forest: 6 votes

j3s eated rotten flesh and got sick

a child zombie has attacked a member, who survived, the elections are now closed

vote on 'grand lodge' org name

Our org structure is s.t. there is an overarching lodge, of which Cyberia Computer Club is a branch. We need to name the 'parent' org, though. This name will be the legal incorporation name for the parent org.
Here are some proposed names:
Cyberia Computer Collective
Knights of the Fork
Fork Knights
Forkus Society
Eternal Forkus Society
Sacred Fork of the Eastern Calculus
Sacred Fork of the Northern Calculus
Sacred Cyblinghood of Forks(lots of forking themes)
Order of the Shell Ghosts
Unholy Order of the Shell
Knights of the Midwestern Calculus
Knights, inc.
layer 0
International Order of the Wires
Internet Adventurer's Guild
Northern Network Supergroup
Counteragent Corporation

Starless advocates for the Knights of the Midwestern Calculus citing our Serial Experiments Lain and Minnesotan influences.
Chris raises a concern re: Midwestern Calculus-- he's hoping that a group in Florida might incorporate under our parent org-- the group is Libre Miami, Jgart is a member who made a pilrimage up here to learn from Kurt, says he likes the niceness of the midwestern values

chris argues in favor of knights of the midwestern calculus based on the fact that our values - including being kind and welcoming hack0rz - should be represented in the parent org name. also lain rules.

Kurt raises concerns with midwestern in the overarching org name, asks about logistics for having cyberia computer club be the overarching name and knights of the midwestern calculus be the local chapter

kurt notes that the names could be swapped (cyberia & the parent name)
aimless proposes congress votes on an irregular congress to determine both whether or not we swap our names and what the name of the parent org should be
aimless requests meta branch meet to outline the associated needs and time costs

chris proposes a motion to meet at an irregular congress at February 21 at 1 pm to determine the final org name and other contents on the incorporation forms, starless seconds
motion passes by unanimous voice vote

Further discussion is tabled.

aimless proposes we amend the agenda to include voting to add new members, kurt seconds, vote by voice vote, vote passes unanimously

J3s would like to nominate karlexceed as a voting member, karl accepts (he/him)
Starless would like to nominate IcarusRedux as a voting member, icarus accepts (he/him)

vote to add karlexceed and icarusredux to list of voting members, 7 votes each, successfully added

ammend bylaws to correct bored to board on line 157

starless seconds this motion
vote by voice vote passes unanimously

Outreach branch

Chris moves to delegate authority to create and manage social media accounts for cyberia to the outreach branch
vves seconds
icarus suggests a balanced approach to social media, proposes a twitter as a offical way to interact with folks, and secondly, a fediverse presence perhaps on mastodon
fack volunteers to be twitter admin
aimless raises concerns about attracting undue attention

aimless votes to request outreach branch meet and establish a clear request and put it forth at the irregular congress on feburary 21st, starless seconds
ammendment vote passes by unanimous voice vote
vote on the item itself passes by unanimous voice vote

2:45 aimless motions to close congress, starless seconds, motion carries by voice vote