🌻Congress And The BoardMinutes2020-08-30

agenda items:

explain why this irregular congress is happening

- vote on agenda

1. starless presents meta branch meeting findings

2. discussion of findings

3. vote on which type of org to become

4. open discussion

aimless moves to approve the agenda
jesse seconds
approved by voice vote

~starless presents~

document: man.cyberia.club/minutes/congress1-3.odp

~discussion proceeds~

c3 argument:
is great because we can get big grant money, reliable income, enable us to fund a hackerspace, limits some of our explicit political stuff but it's probably not that big of a deal. aligns with our vision. is a lot more work, but that work is well worth it. it'll make minorities more comfortable.

c4 argument:
does not provide any sort of shackles at any level. it does not really allow us to get grant money, which sometimes can be seen as a benefit rather than a detriment. does not allow grant money, which could be seen as a positive. simplest, which means less volunteer time taking away from club activities. doing administrative stuff is a fairly large amount of overhead.

c10 argument:
just imagine covid is finished, it's halloween, it's midnight, we're all in sweet velvety robes, we're in som me sort of warehouse or something - smells a little musty but it's still pretty cool. we're gathereed around a table - there's candles and maybe some sweet pumpkin decor. maybe it's jesse or maybe it's scott, or somebody, brings down the hood of their robe - there' an object in the middle of the table. a sort of thing is lifted up, it's like an ameka- we all start reading code out loud or something. i don't know. but all of the other organizations don't have that aesthetic aspect to it . we could have a fun cool atmosphere while being very inclusive while fraternal is a little gross. we can still have a sort of fraternal love, while not being exclusive. we could use the c10 as that club that everyone is allowed to be in, but is still also really cool.

anonymous vote:

aimless motions to vote on doing the paperwork and if needed have the treasurer take funds out of our bank to persue the application process of becoming a c10.

jesse seconds

Confirmed by total consensus brain hivemind

aimless motions to adjourn
cass seconds
motion passes