🌻Cyberia HqFaq

what is "Layer Zero"?

It's a physical location in Minneapolis, MN. It's intended to be used by members of the Cyberia community to make software, hack on projects, and more generally: hang out and do cool shit.

what kind of building is it?

Our space is over 100 years old - it's a plaster + wood building with a huge gravity furnace. Between the main floor and the basement we have 1,700 square feet.

what is the current state?

The state is sorry, to put it lightly. Before us, there was a group of individuals who evacuated rather quickly and left the space in severe disrepair.

what do we do about the disrepair?

See cyberia_hq/construction for some details - but basically, we will be repairing and building out the space over the next few months.

why are we cleaning it up?

In addition to acquiring a very reasonable rate on rent, we get 2 months of unlimited usage for free. basically, we have the keys in September - but rent begins in November.

how's the landlord?

The landlord is a single person, and this is his only property - he is invested in making it a nice and hospitable place for us.

where is layer zero?

Ask j3s in matrix.

how is the space paid for?

j3s and forest pay for it out of the goodness of their hearts. donations are welcome and can be funneled to j3s.

who owns layer zero, technically?

j3s is the legal renter of the space and lets cyberia use it for club activity. if this experiment works out, the rentership could eventually transfer to the club, and the clubhouse could become a permanent fixture of the minneapolis community.

who lets me in?

ask one of the keyholders

when is the trash schedule?

it's tuesday night / wednesday morning

trash is every week and and the recycling is once every two weeks