🌻Cyberia HqRadio

Ham Radio

There's some ham radio equipment at L0! At the moment it's all stuff from louisg, and you're welcome to use it! Keep in mind that a ham radio license is required to legally transmit on this equipment! Sorry if that's no fun, but it's the law and we don't want to give the FCC a reason to drive the black van around and shut us down :(.

Do note that a license is not required to receive/monitor using this equipment, so go ahead! And also note that the hams floating around (louisg, hemant, mara, techieb0y, ...) are probably more than happy to show it off to you / let you have a go at using HF while they're there / help you get licensed :). Join the #amateur-radio:cyberia.club room to find out more about WTF ham radio is and how to get involved.

Please be careful working with the antenna equipment up on ladders, and note that we were asked nicely not to go on the roof, so don't do that.

HF Station

The HF station consists of an Icom IC-735, a MFJ 941E manual tuner, and an 20m homebrew end-fed half-wave. Please consult the tuner manual if you're not familiar with using a manual tuner so you don't blow up the finals. If you intend to use this radio on 20m, it's usually a decent match in bypass mode. It's an old radio, please be nice to it (don't run 100W FT-8 :P.) This radio also has a 'finicky' power jack that may require a little messing about with if it turns off/resets during transmission.

VHF Station

The VHF station consists of a Yaesu FT-2500M and a homebrew 2m slim-jim antenna on a small PVC mast. At times this radio may be configured for packet use -- in the future there will be a more robust setup for this I hope.

Audio Interface(s)

There are a couple of audio interfaces floating around that are either genuine SignaLink USBs or louisg's ripoff design of the SignaLink. They all have jumper blocks configured for louisg's personal scheme, and the cables for the IC-735 and FT-2500M are wired for this scheme, so that you can mix and match radio to interface without rejumpering. Please don't mess with that part (though certainly feel free to make a cable for your radio / use the interface for your desires.)