🌻Cyberia HqHousekeeping

Please do not store food in Layer Zero overnight, we've had trouble with mice recently.
The big trash can is generally recycling, the little is trash.


  1. Vacuum upstairs carpet

  2. Sweep wood floors and put dirt in trash can

  3. Remove spiders from bathroom

  4. Clean bathroom sink and toilet and tidy space

  5. Take out trash and recycling

  6. You can check appliances and tidy those if they look funky

  7. Go on an e-waste disposal adventure


  1. Refill water dispenser

  2. Check water glass stock

  3. Check paper towel and toilet paper stock (we usually keep more in the basement on the shelves)

  4. Tidy soldering station, throw away bits of solder

  5. Collect e-waste in bin

  6. Fold and tidy blankets

Supplies (when possible, compostable is great)

  1. Water cups

  2. Plates

  3. Cutlery

  4. Paper towels

  5. Toilet paper

  6. Bathroom soap