🌻Cyberia Hq3d Printer

At Layer Zero we have a Creality Ender-3 S1 for use by members and visitors alike.

Step-by-step printing process

1. acquire 3D model(s)

You can find loads of free designs on Printables and Thingiverse for example, or you can model something yourself with CAD software.

2. slice the model(s)

A slicer is a program that will take a 3D model and convert it into instructions for the printer to build it up in layers. It has a lot of settings you can tweak and will sometimes take some trial and error to get something to print successfully, but usually the default settings will suffice. Make sure to look in the model's description and comments (if you downloaded it from somewhere) for recommended settings.

printstation should have Ultimaker Cura and PrusaSlicer installed on it, but you can also do this step from your own computer.

3. send it to octoprint

Octoprint is a program running on printstation that talks directly to the printer and feeds it instructions while monitoring all of its sensors. The slicers on printstation are set up to be able to upload files directly to it. Octoprint is not itself a slicer.

Turn the printer on, then ensure Octoprint is connected to it in the top left section. If everything looks good you can print the model from the "Files" section below.

The printer has an automatic bed leveling routine that it will run before starting every print which is necessary to prevent bed damage and to keep your print stuck down evenly.

4. finishing up

When the print is done, pick up the magnetic build plate and flex it to remove your print, including the excess bits (skirts, rafts, supports, etc.). Turn the 3D printer off to save power.


We have some filament available and you can also bring your own. It must be 1.75mm in diameter. To change it out:

  1. raise the Z axis in Octoprint

  2. heat the nozzle to the recommended temperature

  3. pull out the old filament while disengaging the extruder with your other hand

  4. feed in the new filament the same way, all the way into the nozzle

  5. extrude as much through the nozzle as you need until the old filament is completely purged. remember to pick up the excess.