🌻Cyberia HqTailnet

layer zero runs a tailnet in order to connect all of our devices together easily. feel free to join it using personal devices, servers, etc.

joining our tailnet basically means joining a big LAN party with all of our devices. imagine plugging your device in via ethernet at layer zero - if you would do that, consider joining the tailnet!

what is tailscale? see tailscale.com/blog/how-tailscale-works/


joining the tailnet gives you some benefits:

- ability to transfer files within the tailnet easily
- ability to easily set up & deploy apps within the tailnet
- ability to access tailnet-only apps
- access to any layerzero resources that we put on the tailnet


first, install tailscale on ur system/server:

curl -fsSL https://tailscale.com/install.sh | sh

join the tailnet:

sudo tailscale up --login-server https://headscale.layerze.ro

the above command will prompt you to open a link in your browser. when you do, you'll see a registration command. DM that to one of our operators:

- jes
- forest
- reese
- vves
- zico
- ????

they will handle the rest!

operator instructions

log into elliot:

ssh elliot.cyberia.club

run the registration command against the lz namespace:

sudo headscale -n lz nodes register --key nodekey:<key>