🌻Cyberia HqConstruction


Do you want to help with the construction effort? Get in touch with j3s or forest in matrix. We communicate about construction in the #cyberia:cyberia.club matrix channel.

For more context about why construction is necessary, see the FAQ.

The space is to be used only for the purposes of construction currently. We have some rules if you'd like to help out:

Be an informed DIYer: if you do not know how to do something, find someone who does and ask them what the proper technique is. do your research - this space will be used communally, and we are responsible for making sure it is a safe environment.
Do not take risks: if you feel that thing would be risky, do not do that thing. the construction site is currently hazardous, and we must respect that.
Wear a respirator: buy and use an appropriate respiration device. There is a hardware store nearby that you can purchase one at - they are typically $30-$50.

What do??

The list of tasks is as follows:

[X] test for asbestos, mold, and radon
  [X] collect asbestos samples
  [X] mail asbestos samples
  [X] set up mold test
  [X] set up radon test
  [X] mail radon test
  [X] tell Charlie about found mold
[X] minor initial cleaning
  [X] remove loose nails from walls
  [X] one sweep pass
[X] drywall over the missing ceiling plaster
  [X] Second coat of joint compound, sand/finish
[X] deconstruct awful plywood structure
[X] take crappy wood off walls
[X] knock down loose plaster
  [X] plaster over the glue on the walls
  [X] optional: replaster missing plaster
[X] do something with the loose power cable
[X] remove the upstairs sink
  [X] cap the pipe
[X] fix remaining ceiling
  [X] knock out loose ceiling
  [X] install drywall + joint compound over ceiling
[x] prime anything that looks sus
[x] try out swatches
[x] address the lighting situation
  [x] install ceiling LED light in front section
[x] final clean
  [x] hardwood
    [x] sweep
    [x] mop
  [x] carpet
    [x] rent RugDoctor (available at the Cub Foods ~1 mi away)
  [ ] open furnace grate, clean chunks out of furnace carefully (be careful of asbestos)
[x] figure out how to eliminate the incense smell
  - coat walls with glossy paint + rugdoctor
[x] pester $landlord about USI
  - contact fack for details
[x] drywall the bathroom
  - bringdaboom said he'd do this
  [ ] do another mold test in the bathroom post-drywall
[ ] ventilate space appropriately
  [ ] acquire co2 detectors
  [ ] install snus's device
[x] set up first aid station
  [x] acquire first aid kits
  [x] drop first aid kits off in space
[x] standing desks
[x] "coffee stations stuff"?
  [ ] sink