🌻Cyberia HqRules

Layer Zero Space Rules

1. The address is currently private/upon request only. Don't post it publicly. This is so that we don't need to kick out random jerks that wander in off anywhere.
2. If you have a key to the place, you can always be here (just don't live here in the literal sense).
3. Please invite cool/safe people (exclusively) to the space.

  • If you invite someone, you are vouching for them.

  • You should come to LZ with them the first time they come here and introduce them to other folks. (A convenient way to do this is to meet up with them somewhere other than LZ and then to walk over to LZ.)

  • If something goes wrong with the person you vouched for, you are responsible for letting them know, ensuring they understand the situation, etc. If you shirk this duty, we may ask that you not bring new people for a while.

4. If someone invited you and you want to come back, you can.
5. If we ask you not to come back, please respect that.
6. In order to be a keyholder, ask! Existing keyholders will vote on if we want ya to hang out with us.
7. If you see anything that's sus, please let a keyholder or moderator know, either in person, or via matrix.

We have a voting/keyholder channel in matrix where we vote on what to do with the space and if it's cool for a new person to get a key. The simplest way to become involved in the governance of the space is to make a small monthly donation to support the space (of any amount-- $3/month is ok, eg).