Matrix an open network for secure, decentralized communication.

Cyberia Computer Club hosts a Matrix homeserver.

Read more about Matrix here: matrix.org


Public registration is currently closed.

If you would like an account, email ops@cyberia.club and ask nicely for one!

Login here: chat.cyberia.club/#/login


Is my chat encrypted?

Private chat via the Element interface is end-to-end
encrypted by default. Public rooms are not end-to-end
encrypted, but messages are still encrypted in transit.

Do we have bridges?

We used to bridge with IRC, but then we were bit by the following


The IRC bridge in particular caused the synapse database to be flooded
with garbage, consuming over a hundred GB of storage. It took several
days and a long outage to clean up those references. For now, it is
not tangible to leave the bridge on so long as it creates so many
unreferenced state groups.

We used to bridge several freenode channels with our channels:

IRC Channel | Matrix Channel

#cyberia | #random:cyberia.club
#cyberia-services | #services:cyberia.club
#cyberia-ops | #ops:cyberia.club
#cyberia-meta | #meta:cyberia.club
#cyberia-vibes | #vibes:cyberia.club
#cyberia-games | #games:cyberia.club
#cyberia-cyberia | #cyberia:cyberia.club
#cyberia-design | #design:cyberia.club

Hopefully someday we will be able to again. We will be watching that bug

Do you support password resets?

Yep, but you must first associate an email address
with your account.

We implemented a patch while waiting for the following
issue to resolve:


What's your upload limit?

10MB - if you need moar, use a file sending
service! We like [magic wormhole](github.com/warner/magic-wormhole)

Halp I can't search some of my rooms!

The Element web interface cannot search encrypted rooms
because it'd be complicated to implement, or something. If you
would like to search your encrypted rooms, use the Element desktop
application or phone application.