We run a semi-public / experimental instance of Yunohost at cyberia.top

Yunohost makes it easier to install and use applications like nextcloud and wordpress and so on. Its about as easy to install a new application on yunohost as it is to add a plugin / theme to wordpress. The catalogue of potential applications you can tinker with is huge: yunohost.org/en/apps

As is often the case, yunohost comes with tradeoffs. Sometimes the defaults packaged by yunohost improve usability at the expense of performance and configurability. Sometimes the tradeoffs are different, it tends to depend on the application, but the above tradeoff generally holds true.


!!!don't use for production!!!

You should consider this even more unstable then capsul or matrix or other services offered by the club, both because of the aforementioned tradeoffs, and also the frequently with which u/localghost personally installs and removes stuff on a whim.

It should be used mostly to tinker with a particular FOSS tool to see if it has a feature that you like, before you roll it yourself on your own infra.


Currently cyberia.top runs the following applications which anyone can access:

Nitter, a twitter front end --> nitter.cyberia.top
Diagrams.net, Online diagram software --> cyberia.top/diagrams
Funkwhale, music streaming, currently broken --> funk.cyberia.top
RSS-Bridge, for making rss feeds for places without rss --> rss.cyberia.top/bridge
Jitsi, backup for cafe.cyberia.club --> cafe.cyberia.top/
wemawema, tool for making memes --> cyberia.top/memes/

We also currently run the following applications only for folks with accounts / admin access. Reach out in the services matrix channel if you want access to these applications specifically or if you want the ability to install new applications.

node-red --> red.cyberia.top/admin
vaultwarden --> cyberia.top/vault
firefly --> cyberia.top/books