BTCPay is a self-hosted, open-source cryptocurrency payment processor.

It lets us create "stores" that allow us to accept payments in Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Monero. It also runs trimmed versions of the blockchains for those three cryptos.

Anyone with a btcpay account on our server can create a "store" and start accepting cryptocurrencies.

login/create account: btcpay.cyberia.club

documentation: docs.btcpayserver.org

Creating and configuring a new store

view/create new stores: btcpay.cyberia.club/stores

Once a new store is created, it needs to be connected to a wallet. scroll down to "Derivation Scheme" in the stores general setting, and click "modify" on either BTC or LTC. you can then choose to import the Derivation scheme from a hardware wallet, a wallet file, or from a new/exsisting seed.

Currently BTCPay server only supports using one Monero wallet at a time, and the server is allready hosting the Cyberia XMR wallet. If you would like to accept XMR, let us know and we will enable the feature, and will then automatically forward on all payments made in XMR, but unlike with BTC/LTC our wallet will be acting as an intermediary.

Once you have linked a wallet to your store, you can create a payment button to embed in your website, or create apikeys for your custum payment app, run a crowdfudning campaign, and so on