We now have a multi-user blog at blog.cyberia.club! This is a place for cyberians to blog about whatever they'd like (providing it abides by our cultural norms and doesn't get us into legal trouble), whether that's about Cyberia or something else. To sign up, please ask in the #services matrix room for an invite link.

How to get an account

Someone who already has an account has to invite you. Ask Zico for an invite.

About the software

The blogging software, writefreely, has documentation for creating new blogs and writing at writefreely.org/docs/latest/writer. Each account has one undeletable blog that is the same name as the account name, with the option to add new blogs. A blog post will not include the author's name unless the author includes it in the text of the post or the optional footer. A footer and the CSS are customizable for each blog; for CSS details, see this documentation.


Public Feed

By default, any new blog will publish its posts in the public feed. You can change this per blog by selecting BlogName > Customize > Publicity > Unlisted.


This blog uses ActivityPub to blast your words across the fediverse! You can find your blog on ActivityPub applications like Mastodon by searching blogname@blog.cyberia.club.