🌻Infrastructure And OperationsWiki-Update-Bot

Wiki Update Bot

a bot that updates the Services channel with the latest wiki updates


It currently lives on elliot.cyberia.club. The code lives here git.cyberia.club/cyberia/rssToMatrix


It's being run by our good friend systemd. The service file is located at /etc/systemd/system/rssToMatrix.service .

Systemd pretty much does this source /home/rss-to-matrix/rssToMatrix/setup.sh; /home/rss-to-matrix/rssToMatrix/rssToMatrix. setup.sh just has a bunch of environment variables in it. That means if you need to point it to another room or it for some reason needs different credentials you can edit the /home/rss-to-matrix/rssToMatrix/setup.sh file and then just run systemctl restart rssToMatrix


You can just use that sweet leaf journalctl like so:
journalctl -u rssToMatrix