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patch cycle 2022-04-27 - lead by zico

upgrade these & make sure the corresponding services start back up:
[x] upgrade leckie.cyberia.club (ansible host)
  [x] no tests required, it doesn't do shit
[x] upgrade raaz.cyberia.club (nshc system)
  [x] access https://nshc-feedback.nullhex.com/
[x] upgrade legion.cyberia.club (postgres database)
  [x] turn off capsul on baikal
  [x] perform upgrade
  [x] turn capsul back on
  [x] test by making sure postgres is running
[x] upgrade rosewater.cyberia.club (sr.ht email list server)
  NOTE: update forewent due to rosewater imminently falling off a big cliff (being decommissioned) 
[x] upgrade mothership.cyberia.club (prometheus server)
  [x] access prometheus.cyberia.club
[x] upgrade comet.cyberia.club (owncast, jitsi)
  [x] access stream.cyberia.club and cafe.cyberia.club
[x] upgrade matrix.cyberia.club (debian, our matrix serv0r)
  info: sometimes you may need to run "ufw reload" or similar to get matrix to work
  [x] test with https://federationtester.matrix.org/
[x] upgrade elliot.cyberia.club (debian, webserver, this wiki, goatcounter)
  [x] access cyberia.club
  NOTE: prometheus was running on this server and not needed, so it has been uninstalled
  NOTE: the internal mail system seems to be off, permission errors perhaps? 
[x] upgrade paimon.cyberia.club (git server)
  [x] test by going to git.cyberia.club
[x] upgrade kindred.cyberia.club (mastodon server?? can this be deleted now??)
  [x] no test??? does this even do anything?\
  NOTE: it complains about upgrading postgres as /usr/share/postgresql and /usr/bin/pg_config weren't symlinks, don't care because no-one seems to be using this box. Note for posterity
[x] upgrade domechild.cyberia.club (email server)
  [x] log into mail.nullhex.com with some account & send email
  [x] access nullhex.com