Bitwarden is an open-source password manager that uses end-to-end encryption. Vaultwarden is "an unofficial Bitwarden server implementation written in Rust. It is compatible with the official Bitwarden clients, and is ideal for self-hosted deployments where running the official resource-heavy service is undesirable."

Ours is hosted on a Capsul and you can access it at pass.cyberia.club

How to use

After signing up it will ask you to verify your email. The interface is pretty easy to learn, but you may find Bitwarden's getting started guide video series to be helpful.

Vaultwarden is only the server implementation. Bitwarden provides many client applications including browser extensions, apps, a CLI and an API. There are also unofficial clients such as rbw.


Anyone can create an organization to store secrets that are shared among members. We have one for Cyberia operators; if you are one, please DM one of us to be invited!