🌻Infrastructure And OperationsOps HandbookTmux For Collaboration In Terminal

The current procedure for server maintenance is described in the above diagram. Users connect to a shared account via ssh. A digital workspace is shared using a tmux server for live, remote collaboration.

A handy tmux cheat sheet can be found here: tmuxcheatsheet.com/
Don't be afraid to keep this handy at all times while using tmux!

Ctrl + b enters something like "tmux command mode" and once you are in that mode you can simply press the d key to disconnect from the tmux, or press pageup / pagedown to scroll the tmux.

There is no visual indication of whether you are in tmux command mode or not.

You can exit tmux command mode by pressing Enter or ctrl + c or something, IDK.

Zico says: Ctrl+b [ to start scrollback, q to exit scrollback, Ctrl+b ? to see all the key combos.