Help: Attachment

In hyphae, an attachment is some content represented by something that is not Mycomarkup. Usually, an image, a video, or an audio.

Supported attachment types

You can upload any file, but only those listed below will be displayed on the website. You can download unsupported attachments, though.

  • Images: jpg, gif, png, webp, svg, ico

  • Video: ogg, webm, mp4

  • Audio: ogg, webm, mp3

How to add an attachment?

For non-existent hyphae, upload a file in the Upload a media section.

For any hyphae, upload a file in the Manage attachment tab.

Attachment management

Every hypha has the Manage attachment section. Click it to see what is out there.

You can upload a new file, you can delete the attachment (it is called unattaching) and see some file stats (size and type).

On naming hyphae with attachments

The hypha name should not just copy the file name in most cases. If you are uploading a photo of a rose, do not call it rose.jpg, no. Call it photo of rose or rose photo or whatever. You rarely need to think of file extensions when using Mycorrhiza Wiki.

This is not a rule, of course, just a convention.

What to put in the text part?

If a hypha has an attachment, here is what the text part might be about:

  • A textual description or representation of the picture.

  • A transcript of the song.

  • An analysis of the attachment.

  • Some meta data.

  • Things above combined.

The attachment should not be an illustration of the text part. In this case it is better to put it into a subhypha and embed it into the markup.